« Wunnen zu Lëtzebuerg » Public Information Meetings Opened Ministry’s ears to Public Concerns – chronicle.lu

A series of six public meetings held by the Ministry of Housing between 19 January and 15 March has given people the the chance to ask questions directly to the Minster on issues of concern to them. Of foremost concern to many were individual housing subsidies, access to affordable housing and taxation.

The « Wunnen zu Lëtzebuerg » conferences, held in Dudelange, Luxembourg City, Remich, Mamer, Troisvierges and Diekirch, allowed Minister Marc Hansen to meet and hear directly from citizens.

The Ministry has said that it recognises the complexity of the problems raised, especially accessibility to housing, which require an integrated approach and long-term solutions.

As a result of the public conferences, the Ministry has affirmed that the government’s policy in relation to housing focuses primarily on mobilisation of building land, boosting the creation of social housing and affordable housing and revision of the “housing pact”.

The Ministry’s global budget for 2017 is €209.56 million, of which €56.2 million is allocated to individual housing aid.

Under social rental management, the government has set aside €562,000, as well as €93.5 for construction, including €32.3 million for the Housing Fund and €21.9 million for the SNHBM (National Society for Affordable Housing).

In addition, the state provides subsidies under certain conditions to the Housing Development Fund, National Society for Affordable Housing, town halls, foundations, non-profits, and private developers.



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